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Primal Elixir Hydration | Coconut Lime Mojito

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Flavor: coconut Lime Mojito 

Certificate: NSF Certified

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We all need to be more hydrated, even when we think we are. With Primal Elixir you’ll not only stay hydrated with each sip but want to keep drinking more and more water. With our specific amino acids to flush out toxins you maintain your hydration with out holding on to the toxins in your body. You will cramp less and recover faster from all your activities with our added glutamine in the elixir as well. It’s the magic elixir you’ve always wished for.

New Arrival !

Try our new Primal Elixir Hydration to give your water an extra boost and Primal Burn (fat burner) for that extreme sweat during your workout.


A combination of energy, fat burning and hydration, it's the ultimate pack for gym.

Combinations of proteins and sleep aid means a perfect bundle for a quick recovery.

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