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What is Elixir

  • 1

    Electrolyte compound

    To rehydrate your body from excercise.

  • 2

    Vitamin b6

    Pure energy.

  • 3

    Essential Aminos

    Muscle repair and body recovery.

What is Elixir
  • 4

    No Sugar

    Help with bone and skin health.

  • 5

    No Carbohydrates

    Aids in circulation of blood and detoxification.

  • 6

    No Caffeine

    Increases endurance and energy along with muscle repair.

Our Story

RF Supplements founder, Roo, created this company after years of using bad supplements with pointless ingredients that hindered his workouts and didn’t follow any science. After years of formulating the perfect pre-workout he launched Primal 2.0 and soon followed with the hydration Primal Elixir. These supplements are exactly what they say they are. No questions. No Mysteries. For the results you expect. We thank you for trusting us with your bodies and helping you reach your highest potential.

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