About us

Providing high quality supplements and peptides since 2016.

RF Supplements was founded in 2019 in the United States by Roo, a former elite rugby player and strong man competitor. Fed up by the industry, Roo decided to make his own supplements. RF supps is dedicated to providing supplements that are carefully designed and tested to provide the utmost results with zero useless fillers and only the best ingredients.

Our customers keep coming back because our products work and they know they can trust what they are putting in their bodies is the best. We are constantly growing and adding new supplements. Starting in 2023 we started adding peptides to our entourage.

Our belief is that fitness is a lifestyle. We don't think supplements are a magic pill but we do believe that alongside healthy habits and workouts our supplements will help you reach your goals quicker and more effectively. 

We provide high quality protein powders, hydration elixirs, fat burners, peptides and many more supplements.

For any question or business related inquiries email us at support@rfsupplement.com